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Classical record reviews, articles and commentary by a deeply devoted fan.
navy dot From 99-cent CDs to the $2,000 Great Pianists edition . . .
navy dot From Joachim's acousticals to Paul McCartney . . .
navy dot From teenaged Heifetz to posthumous Celibidache . . .
navy dot From Hungary to Hollywood . . .

navy dot Career retrospectives (and annotated discographies) of
navy dotToscanini, Furtwängler and Bernstein.

And more . . .

Expanded Goldmine Columns
An on-going series of monthly columns being published in Goldmine magazine, to which I've added discographies and other supplementary material.

Featured Articles
More expansive reflections on three musicians and two records of overwhelming importance.

Past Reviews
Some thoughts prompted by significant records and trends of the past decade.

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